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History of the Undead

Internal structure and blood

Within the first hour of drinking blood, the vampires feel warm to touch, just as humans. This is due to the fact that, when turned into a vampire a few changes happen to the body’s internal structure.

The esophagus develops micro openings that soaks fresh blood like a sponge, and delivers the blood directly to the heart. The heart no longer beats but it will do so when it receives a fresh amount of blood.

The heart will pump the blood until the veins have filled within every part of the body; thus, a vampire will be warm such as a normal human would be.

Some vampires may continue feeding, upon which, the blood may be stored in the stomach for future use.

After blood fills the empty veins, the vampire’s tissue will soak it in and be replenished and the heart will stop pumping. The process of circulating the blood can take up to an hour or more. Since the heart stops pumping and blood is no longer circulating, the vampire will begin to feel cold once more.

Blood Abilities

Vampires can only feed on the blood of humans, animals will not suffice. This is due to the curse inherited through Lilith and Dracula.

When first created Vampires must feed every three nights with the cycle slowing over the next 100 years, or the processes of decomposition will eat away their tissue. Blood gives the vampire regenerative abilities, super human strength, speed, and other various abilities. Vampires eventually can sustain themselves a couple weeks before needed to kill again  with older vampires being able to go a couple of months. Lilins are thousands of years older than vampires and can usually go a few months without the need to feed, new fledgling lilins have to feed every few days for the first year of creation but soon can go a month or so without the need to feed. This helps to keep human suspicion down and hide feeding within the human death rates each year.

All vampires have the possibility to gain individual and unique powers upon their transformation. Blood grants them the ability to use such powers as ESP, flight, shape-shifting, controlling the weather, controlling animals, etc. It is a very rare occurrence for vampires to gain these unique powers and usually only those that are second and first generation vampires from Dracula have such powers.

Lilins have potent powers since they have thousands of years to them. Even new created lilins gain some of these powers. Many lilin fledglings must remain with there creator for a year or so to gain control and learn the laws of lilins.

Sexual Feeding

Vampires and Lilins not only must feed from blood to physically keep alive, but the mentality and life essence that remains must be fed as well. The basic needs of feeding and sex must be satisfied. While blood nourishes the physical body, sex nourishes the mind and the dark essence that keeps the vampires from becoming demented beasts. Though not as constant as the need to feed on blood, if a vampire or lilin should stray from sexual energy to long, they eventually suffer delusions, rage, and loss of reality.

Creation of Lilins

Lilith is the mother of the Lilim “night-demons”, created when Lilith left the Garden of Eden.

After leaving Eden, Lilith mated with the fallen angels and bore children. The three angels of God that came to take her back to Adam, threatened to destroy her children if she did not return. Since Lilith was created immortal, they could not threaten her with death. Lilith, refused the angels and a war between the Lilim and Man ensued.

Lilith’s daughters tempted men with the fires of lust and fed upon their blood and the blood of their children. Demons soon joined with the Lilim and the Arch Angels summoned an army lead by Michael to destroy the Lilim.

Lilith was unable to control her  lone daughter that began the war, and Lilith feared for the lives of her other children. Using her seductive powers, Lilith gained the help of Samael.

Samael mated with Lilith and promised to grant their children immortality, though they would be cursed with the need for blood and to forever roam in darkness. Lilith considered this a betrayal and assaulted Sameal, who cursed Lilith and damned her to an undead life. however, Samael left her with the ability to create children as per their pact, but she could only do this through her bite.

Lilith become the first Blood drinker and through her anger created many lilins. Michael lead The Sons of Light against the Army of Darkness, which were demons, lilims, and lilins. The dark army was destroyed. Only a few lilins survived, which were hunted by men.

Lilith unable to bare the sorrow of losing her children, vanished.

The few lilins that lived, learned to hide in the darkness and use their powers to feed on humans. Through the years, the lilins’ name slowly spread. Eventually, an organization was created called the Order of the Sons of Light.

These vampires were Ancient and powerful, terrorizing villages for many centuries. They commanded power over the weather and animals. Many could turn to mist or become invisible.

For the most part, these lilins were solitary and vampires hunters learned their weaknesses.

All the ancient lilins were eventually destroyed (supposedly), leaving only the fledglings to roam. The fledglings did not command the power that their ancient predecessors had, and thus were easily hunted and destroyed.

When it seemed the world would be rid of lilins, in 1431 a man by the name of Dracula came by way of a pact with Lucifer. Dracula denounced God and joined with Lucifer who gave him incredible dark powers. He was able to move faster than the eye could see, tear humans apart with ease, resistant to sunlight. He was able to absorb memories through blood, hypnotize and pass through walls. He could shape shift into various forms, including bats, insects, demon dogs, masses of darkness and humanoid forms.

With Dracula the name of the Lilin vanished and the name vampire became dominant.

The Lilins

Lilins did not actually near the destruction the Order thought they had, many took to underground cities they created by using their powers and intelligence. Territories in the human world were given rulers, Lilin princes or princesses that were from the first lines decedent from Lilith. These princess were governed by the strongest decedents, the first created from Lilith and her daughter. These group become known as the Blood Conclave when they come to meet and discuss lilin laws. Out of the members, King Martialis is the most powerful and oldest created by Lilith herself.

All others were created by Lilith’s daughter and other second generation offspring of Lilith.

Children of Lilith’s daughter:






Second generation offspring:







From these the lines of the other Lilins princes and princesses were created that ruled the territories of human lands. Around the world the population of lilins numbers around 150,000 mainly centered around the Old World, which would be Europe, Africa, and Asia. Since lilins can go months without the need to feed, the princes have allowed for this number to be the rough estimate of how many lilins can exist or new ones created. New fledgling lilins are stronger and usually have powers compared to fledgling vampires.  Since lilins are still strict on who they turn and are also still thousands of years older than vampires. Lilins are quite more select on who they choose to bite to become lilins.

King Martialis wished to enslave the human population outside the underground cities, where humans are treated mainly like cattle and sex slaves. These underground cities also keep up with advences in technology and have their own lilin members created knew advances in science and weapons. Certain humans are allowed privileges and even the option to become lilins for those deemed worthy enough, but for the most part they are kept as slaves, nude and forced to submit to experiments or tortures for some of the crueler lilins.  Other humans are used for blood pools, where they are kept alive but drained for blood which is kept in a reservoir to feed the undead population.

A war has been brewing against the new undead, the vampire of the New World. North and South America.

The Vampires

Vampires or children of Tepes, Dracula, a new strand of undead that came into existence the in the 1400s. The Order believed them to be lilins but after decades began to understand they were not the same. The word vampire took root and became the norm.

Vampires spread like wild fire mainly through the three wives of Dracula. Most of the population of vampires today come from them. Dracula himself had only turned 7 humans.

Vampires from Dracula and their offspring:

Jonas -> Sala Walker

Dumitru -> Mariana -> Damian -> Andreea

Zephyr ->  Mirela -> Zane -> 200 +

Constanta -> 400 +

Atanasia -> 50 +

Clara -> 500 +


At present the population of vampires numbers around 100,000, dropping from 300,000 do to being the weaker species of undead and the Order hunting most of them. There are a few clusters of vampires that roam in South America that keep to themselves otherwise, with the current war arising between vampires and lilins, the last of the elder vampires seek ways to prepare for the invasion.

Sala Walker (Raven) killed the strongest elders, Jonas and Zephyr. Dumitru was killed during the American Revolution, which left his brother Damian as the last remaining elder along with Raven and a about a 100 others decedent from the Brides. The order was able to kill off most of the true elders along with those Raven hunted down.

The Brides of Dracula have been missing since the destruction of Dracula. Damian has searched them out for help, but with no luck. There are supposedly no remaining true elders left but Raven and Dumitru, leaving room for the lesser elders to take over most ruler ship. There have been rumers of true elders popping up from time to time in the larger cities of the world, but possibly do to fear from the Order, they disappear back into the shadows choosing to remain isolated and hidden from the vampire world.

True elders usually have more than one power they control, along with greater strength and speed, while lesser elders have one power along with strength and speed superior to normal vampires, yet the power and abilities are usually lesser in potency than a true elder.

Do to the coming war and the war with the Order, vampires have gathered the lesser elders that remain and created a government. The Elder Circle consists of the ruling body of the lesser elders that are creating new laws for vampires in an effort to strengthen their power. Taking notes from human ways, the vampires have created their own military and armed them with weapons. Los Angeles has become the new home base for the vampires and new breeding strategies have been put into motion to increase the number of vampires. New York still has a good number of vampires, but are being driven off by the Order and the invading lilins. Most battles have been taking place here, and the New York vampires have created new laws and a group of prince leaders to gain control of the situation.

Since vampires are the weaker undead, with only the true elder vampires having powers to equal that of the lilins, which only Raven and Dumitru remain of those elders, along with the missing Brides of Dracula, they have to come up with new ways and use of technology to fight off their enemies. They have made alliances with a third breed of undead, the nosferatu. Both hate the lilins and seek to destroy them, and the nosferatu is a formidable ally in the war. Nosferatu do not have powers aside from physical, but their physical powers are great indeed. They have underground cities where they keep blood pools from human slaves and have made technological advances. Nosferatu use combat suits that protect them from churiphim powers and against modern human weapons such as guns and edged weapons. These undead are extremely lethal warriors with knowledge in many weapons use and hand to hand combat. They are modern day ninjas.