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The Four Houses of The Order

The Order of the Sons of Light has four headquarters.

The House of Scutum Fidei in Rome is the main headquarters and nucleus of The Order. The leaders from the Sons of Light, Knights Templar, Knights of the Shield and Churiphim gather to discuss missions and laws. They are the Core Order.

Combat training and survival are drilled into new members at The House of Spiritus Sanctus located in Britain and is the second largest house holding members of The Order.

The House of Pater is the ruling house in the Asia.

The House of Filius in New York City is the ruling house in North and South America.

At present time, a split between the House of Spiritus Sanctus and the House of Scutum Fidei has divided much of The Sons of The Order of Light. A new faction arose who call themselves The Order of Hellsing, named after the man who eventually brought down Dracula.

The houses serve as the main arteries of communication and orders for the world. Vampire hunters, priests, and other members of The Order follow the hierarchy of command built around the houses. Members can be found in churches, government, law enforcement, military, and even run into the political structure of countries.

Through this large web of communication and affiliations, The Order is able to track and hunt down vampires and lilins and gather information on powers and threat level. The Order was created a after the great flood and the destruction of the Nephilim. Their main purpose to destroy the children of Lilith and eventually the children of Dracula.

The Core Order consists of the Pope and the main leaders of the the four houses, the commanders of the Knights of Templar and the Knights of the Shield, the Archbishops from each region, and the Aeons that command each of the four regions around the world. Also in the Core Order were leaders from the Bavarian Illuminati and Free Masons.

Around the world the Order of the Sons of Light have 33,000 members including the Churiphim working to take down Lilins and Vampires and sometimes are also called to investigate and step in regarding other paranormal cases if deemed true and dangerous.