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The Lilins the first undead created by Lilith, the first wife of Adam.

Lilith – Mother of the lilins. Black Hair, dark brown eyes, bronze skin.

King Martialis – Oldest known lilin after Lilith. King of all lilins and seeks to subjugate vampires. white skin, dark deep eyes, silver hair, like in his fifties when turned.

Elspet – An elder lilin who is an outcast from the old world. Red hair, brown eyes, light white skin.

Avilius – An elder lilin and member of the Blood Conclave. Looks around his late forties, grayish brown hair. Dark brown eyes.

Amon – An elder lilin and leader of the Blood Conclave. Late twenties, dark eyes, black hair.

Kallisto – Elder lilin.

The Vampires second generation undead created by Vlad Tepes.

Tepes (Dracula) – Father of vampires, dark eyes, black hair, mid thirties.

Jonas – 1st generation vampire – First vampire created by Dracula, black hair, ponytail, dark eyes, late twenties.

Dumitru – 1st generation vampire – Second vampire created by Dracula, blonde hair, dark eyes.

Zephyr – 1st generation vampire – Third vampire created by Dracula

Zane – 2nd generation vampire, long black hair, dark eyes, white skin.

Mirela – 3rd generation vampire

Damien Kell – 2nd generation vampire, black hair, dark eyes.

Selah (Raven) Walker – 2nd generation vampire

Elizabeth – 3rd generation vampire, red hair and green eyes.

The Churiphim half angel half humans granted powers by the angel’s to help fight the lilins.

Aeon Patrick Kingston – Master over the Churiphim and Western Region of The Order of The Sons of Light.

AndrusĀ  – Former Aeon

  1. Judith – Elemental Affinity – Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Aether
  2. Mena – Elemental Affinity – Fire, Air
  3. Fawn – Elemental Affinity – Metal, Water
  4. Demeter – Elemental Affinity – Fire
  5. Aradia – Elemental Affinity – Water
  6. Kassia – Elemental Affinity- Light
  7. Lena – Elemental Affinity – Energy
  8. Verena – Elemental Affinity – Electricity
  9. Catori – Elemental Affinity – Earth
  10. Bonamy – Elemental Affinity – Metal

11. Zenobia – Elemental Affinity – Light

12. Delyth – Elemental Affinity – Shadow

13. Imara – Elemental Affinity – Water

14. Halana – Elemental Affinity – fire

15. Ismeria – Elemental Affinity – Metal/ Electricity

16. Ferelith – Elemental Affinity – Shadow

17. Britta – Elemental Affinity – Fire

18. Menodora

19. Nemea

20. Nox

  1. Cirrus – Elemental Affinity – Water / Ice

22. Riella – Elemental Affinity – Earth

23. Millicent – Elemental Affinity – Fire

24. Asta – Elemental Affinity – Air

  1. Sable – Elemental Affinity – Darkness

26. Vesta

27. Auryn

28. Elara

29. Carina

30. Drusilla

31. Isra

32. Monroe

33. Aja

34. Eloise

35. Zina

36. Skylar

  1. Faye – Elemental Affinity – Air

38. Nisha

39. Lanthe

  1. Leonette – Elemental Affinity – Fire –
    Current Holder – Blair – Elemental Affinity – Shadow


The Order of The Suns of Light, vampire hunters members include the Knights of Templar, Knights of the Shield, Masons, and Brohivain Illuminati.

(1776 Series)

Archer – Head of Sons of Light in Western region, light brown hair, dark eyes.

Alrick – Head Cleric for western territories, silver hair.

James Deland – Leader of hunters for his territory

Michael Wyman – Leader of hunters for his territory

Nathaniel Hughes – Apprentice hunter

Samuel – Leader of hunters for his territory

(Present Time)

Patrick Kingston – Aeon and Head of Sons of Light in Western region


The Shanto, a clandestine group, they use the power of spiritual energy to battle the evil of the world.

Elissa Snow – The True Shanto – Level 5, blonde hair, blue eyes.

Lisa Hicks – Level 2 Shanto, brown hair, dark eyes.

Arthur Hicks – Level 3 Shanto, brown hair, dark eyes.


The Umbra


Other Characters in Series

McCort – Green Eyes