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Mena used to be the 2nd rank of the churiphim within The Order of the Sons of Light, now 1st rank of The Order of Hellsing.

Like all other churiphim, her human side is subdued and she is very robotic. Mena is lethal in her execution and focused. Once given a mission, nothing will get in her way to complete it. A no nonsense warrior, there are few that have ever escaped a battle with her.

Judith is the only other churiphim higher in rank and was Mena’s trainer when she first joined The Order and Sisterhood of Churiphim. Other than Judith, Mena commanded all the churiphim until she joined the Order of Hellsing and now holds authority over those that followed her.

Mena is the third churiphim to hold the title of rank two. A burning determination and need to be strong fueled her climb to the position. She has held the rank for over 300 years and both vampires and lilins have come to fear her name. Her family was one of the 40 bloodlines blessed with the blood of angels and thus she was conditioned by her father from birth to hate the undead. Her father forced her to be brutal and swift in her training. When she turned 6, he left her with The Order. She saw it as abandonment and it tore her from the inside. Alone with strangers, other females who would be trained and tested, fear and loneliness were her only comforts at night.  When it came time for her angel side to awaken and become the churiphim she had been trained for, she welcomed the numbing of her emotions and thus the pain of abandonment.

Real Name

Mena Halifax




156 lbs.


Magical Spell casting including mastery over the spells of Solomon and able to open gates to Hell. Able to summon demons and hellfire, cast offensive magical energy, shields, and weapons. Magical Weather control, plant control, earth control. Magical body augmentation. Advance illusions and charm spells. Advanced healing spells.

Elemental Control of Fire

Elemental Control of Air


Superb Hand-to-hand fighter

Knowledgeable with various weapons and master of the sword.

Supernatural strength, at peak with the help of spells she can lift battleships

Advance regeneration and healing. She can reattach a severed limb within minutes or regenerate a new limb within a day.

 Hyper speed

Group Affiliations

The Order of the Sons of Light
The Sisterhood of Churiphim
The Order of Hellsing


Mena has single-handedly destroyed an army of vampires and has killed the most lilins out of the churiphim besides Judith. One of her more powerful adversary’s was a Demon Prince who forced her to summon the most powerful spells in her arsenal. Unable to completely destroy and send the demon back to Hell, she still held her ground until the veil between Hell and Earth was closed and the Demon Prince was forced back.

Mena has rarely relied on her elemental powers. Like all churiphim, the more she stretches the limits of the elemental powers, the bond between her and the elemental being weakens and there is a greater chance her mind would be taken over by the elemental. Mena rather rely on her other powers and abilities. She has witnessed other churiphim lose control and become a crazed mutation of human, angel, and elemental creature.