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Judith is the 1st rank churiphim of The Order of The Sons of Light.

Unlike other churiphim, while she can be impassive, she can also act very human-like with the ability to show various level of emotions. It is a skill she uses when dealing with political people in the human world. Judith has worked behind the scenes of many countries and at times swayed world outcomes. The Order has used her to gain sway in the UN and obtain great resources to fight the undead.

The Archangel Michael tasked her to be an intermediary between The Order of the Sons of Light and the Angeles.

Judith has maintain her rank for over 5,000 years and was one of the first generation churiphim created. It is rumored her angel blood came from a Dominion, an angel from the second sphere in the hierarchy of angels, thus making her one of the most powerful churiphim ever created.

Real Name





165 lbs.


Magical Spell casting including mastery over all of Solomon’s knowledge of magic and demon control. She can cast offensive magical energy, shields, and weapons. Magical Weather control, plant control, earth control. Magical body augmentation. Advance illusions and charm spells. Advanced healing spells, Time magic.

Elemental Control of Fire

Elemental Control of Air

Elemental Control Earth

Elemental Control Water

Elemental Control Aether


Knowledge of all weapons and fighting techniques.

Supernatural strength, at peak with the help of spells she can lift mountains.

Instant regeneration and healing.

 Hyper speed

Aura of Protection: Ability to increase strength, courage, skills and abilities in others near her. Able to heal and cure disease.

Group Affiliations

The Order of the Sons of Light
The Sisterhood of Churiphim


Judith fought with the Archangels to drive back the Fallen Ones as well as defeating individual Watchers and Nephilim. She was in the war against the children of Lilith and vanquished many lilim and lilins.

She stood toe-to-toe with Asmodeus Prince of the Seraphim.


Judith is still half human and half angel and thus, when she uses her greatest powers and abilities, she eventually reaches a limit. She requires longer times of rest to regain her powers and strength should she need to reach breaking points with her powers.