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Leonette’s family was one of the 40 chosen to carry the blood of angels through history. Since only females become churiphim, her sister, Aphilia, was the oldest and would have been the next in line to be chosen as a churiphim in wait, should the need have arisen. She also had two older brothers. For the most part they lived without the involvement of the Order. While she loved all her siblings, Leonette had a close relationship with her sister. Together they would help mother with the chores around the house while the brothers would go with Father into town and help him. The family knew their history and the blood lineage from the angels. Some families choose to keep it from the children until a later time, but the Alrick family didn’t hide their history from their children. Leonette knew of things that lurked in the dark.

The year of her 8th birthday 1756, her family was murdered by vampires in a coordinated effort by the undead to wipe out the family lines that held the blood of angels. Leonette was barely saved when her grandfather came to her rescue with a group of hunters from the Order. Enraged by the vampires that slaughtered her family, she wished to join the Order and the Sisterhood of Churiphim. The Order knew she was already too old, but with her grandfather pushing to get her in and when the timing was correct when the churiphim from her bloodline died, she was accepted. They moved her to Rome for training, where they kept the other trainees in an area of magical enchantment where they stopped aging as long as they remained within the barrier.

Starting at an older age, almost 9 years now, it took some time to train her mind and mold it so to be able to fuse with the angel half that would be awakened once the blood of the angel for her lineage was mixed with hers.

Leonette’s mind had to be trained and emotions subdued to take on the phase of training that required her to discover her elemental affinity, which for her, was the element of fire. For this, trainees suffered rigorous mental assaults on both mind and body. To strengthen their minds against what the undead enemies may do to them. Trainees would be isolated for months, go through tests in freezing weather, be locked in cells as if they were captured by enemies and interrogated nude. All this to break them down and rebuild them over and over again. The ones that couldn’t rise above the tests were usually sent away to work as other types of members of the Order, if they did not go mad from the training. The blood that had been fused with them by angels thousands of years ago separated them from other normal girls their age. Their minds were usually more mature at the age of 6 than other children and the angel blood gave them the ability to withstand the mental training. The dormant angel half inside them gave them resistances and mental acuteness basically.

Once the mental fortitude was there and the human side subdued, the first phase to becoming a churiphim took place, her and her fellow churiphim trainees would go through a ritual that opened their mind and spirit to the elemental realm where entities existed that commanded the elements of the world. The elemental realms. The elemental realm of fire was her destination during the ritual. Leonette’s spiritual essence traveled to this fire realm and found one of the fire elementals, a creature that looked like a blazing fire in humanoid form with cat-like eyes, the chest and top of the shoulders down to the back of the arms made of glowing red rock.

Once she spoke the command word of power to merge with the elemental, a battle of the mind took place and only the strongest trainees with mental fortitude won, the rest would succumb to the elemental’s mind and become a mutated creature between elemental, angel and human. A creature that would run rampant in its crazed mental state and kill anything in its path using the full might of elemental powers and angel powers. An abomination.

Leonette won her mental battle and fused with the fire elemental thus granting her the use of fire as if it was her own. She survived the phase, but Tiana, a trainee she’d become good friends with, had failed the mental test and became an abomination, forming into a large winged and wet skinned best with deformed body. Tiana’s affinity had been water. The Churiphim charged in to take the creature down, three churiphim severely injured.  Leonette watched her friend be killed.

It was hard to control her emotions but to become a churiphim, she had to kill her human side. The final phase of training came, the blood merging and awakening. First came the learning of the Aeons and ranks of churiphim.

The three male overseers, the Aeons, males similar to the churiphim, arrived for the final ritual. While female mind’s had a higher fortitude to control the power of angels without going mad, males had a lower level of success. Thus, male tests were dangerous and trying. Very few survived and only three Aeons existed at a time who’s powers could subdue Churiphim powers. This created a safety net for any Aeons or Churiphim, if they should go astray.  The Aeon’s held the highest command and only the first rank churiphim, which was Judith, was equal to them. Thus, powers were in check.

Aeons and Churiphim along with the priests from the Order of the Sons of Light, commenced the chanting and magical formula to call upon the powers of the angels and summon each angel of the particular lineage the trainee was from.

After Leonette was blessed she walked forth within the Chamber of Light. Inside she felt the divine powers radiating from heavenly virtue. Fear and awe mixed within her, she moved forward to concentric circles drawn upon the stone floor with symbols of the 40 angels that the churiphim were created from. Her lineage came from the angel Camael and he appeared by the altar in the middle of the circles where heavenly light shot down like a golden ray. The angels wings spread wide and bright. Camael took a small sickle from the altar and sliced his palm. Blood flowed from the cut and he poured it into a golden chalice. He waved Leonette over and she walked forth.

Camael took the chalice into his hands and blessed it. “With my blood I give command of my powers to awaken your angelic half. Upon doing so, you are a champion for all that is good and holy. Let no evil go unpunished, but let those who are righteous go free. Do not use my powers for evil for I shall come and claim you. Thus, with the drinking of this my blood our pact is sealed.”

Leonette took the chalice and drank. Her body burned and she screamed as the fire spread through her body transforming it, hair glowing silver and her eyes shooting light. When the pain subsided, Camael was gone. Her senses were enhanced, she could feel her strength, could see the particles of dust in the air, smell the scents of the room.

Leonette went through different tests after the transformation to gauge her power and skills consisting of magic, weapons, hand to hand, and elemental trials. She was the weakest and deemed the 40th ranked churiphim. Upon reaching her 23rd birthday, Leonette stopped aging as all churiphim do around their mid twenties. She requested to work in the new world with her grandfather during the American Revolution. He was the only family she had left besides the long distance family they never kept contact with, the ones that would be the survivors for their lineage.

In 1776, Leonette separated herself from The Sisterhood of Churiphim and The Order, choosing to side with Raven and seeking vengeance against Elspet, the lilin that killed her grandfather. She never killed Elspet, losing to the lilin twice and almost dying if it were not for Raven. For 4 years after, Leonette remained with Raven, and her twin brothers Mathew and Phillip, along with Nathaniel, Raven’s lover. She trained them in the ways of churiphim fighting skills while they showed her a more human way of living and connecting. While she remained with Raven, she trained harder, increasing her powers and enhancing her skills. She wanted vengeance and she would seek Elspet again.

In 1880 Raven met up with a group of vampires that Elspet kept with. The opportunity presented itself once more for Leonette to kill Elspet, but the lilin proved to be too powerful yet and almost killed her once more.

During an intense battle between Raven’s group of vampire friends and the highest ranked churiphims, Leonette was thought to have been killed. Surviving the battle, Leonette hid and adapted to the human world and secretly hunted vampires and criminals on her own. She took many guises, but finally settled as a detective over the decades and helped humans where the law could not.

Leonette’s extreme determination to become stronger has been a driving force throughout her life. Her focus and sheer willpower was enough to accomplish what no other churiphim has. She allowed the elemental being she was bonded with into another battle of mental fortitude and conquered it forcing the fire elemental to yield to her commands. Instead of mutating and becoming a crazed beast, Leonette has the ability to call upon the element of fire without worry of reaching any limit and thus has not yet known the extent she can take her fiery powers too.

She has mainly resided in New York and Main, hiding as a human private detective and using her churiphim powers to solve cases relating to both paranormal and human.

Over the  years, the Order hadn’t searched her out anymore, but she knew if she’d run into them they would more than likely still try to exact some punishment for her betrayal 200 years ago. But she was not the same churiphim anymore.

Real Name

Leonette Alrick




153 lbs.

Born In: Pennsylvania

Parent Names:


Able to cast healing spells such as mending small cuts to greater wounds like gunshots. Able to remove lesser diseases. Able to cleanse bacterial infections and viruses.

Able to cast tracking spells which lead her to her target be it vampires or humans. She must have an item touched by the target.

Able to cast lesser magical circles for shields or attack. Usually the circles materialize behind her palms with a radius of a foot and a half in diameter with a glowing blue magical energy. They can slice like a blade and shield from bullets and other weapons and magical attacks such as magical rays.

Able to draw runes on the ground, clothing, rocks, skin, paper, etc, to cast shields that protect from attacks, entrance into homes or buildings, and weaken certain enemies such as new vampires. Also, certain greater runes of power will give her speed, strength and endurance for her or allies. Upon herself she can increase her strength, speed, agility, sight and hearing to match power up to lilin undead. She can also strengthen her skin to absorb damage up to a .45 bullet or slashes from normal bladed weapons.

Able to cast magical spells on clothing to use as weapons or shields, such as using a cape and stopping bullets with it or turning a tie into a stabbing object.

Elemental Control of Fire. Blast enemies with fire, create constructs of fire such as walls, cylinders, spheres, rings, etc. and fire tentacles that attack from the constructs. She can create whips of fire. Project fire that expands rapidly on contact with an object, release beams of fire, create bombs and explosions of fire, use fire to cute opponents, project fire spikes, create spiral vortex of fire, send out wave of fire that repels everything, discharge fire from hands, create and launch spheres of fire, release low powered projectiles of fire, discharge fire from the mouth, empower and energize anything touched or used (usually a weapon) with fire, create fire storms, emit fire from eyes, cause surfaces to emit flames, create missiles of fire, release attacks of fire that can bounce off any surface, release flame blasts that split into multiple fragments, launch massive wave of fire, a tiny short release of fire to cause pain or discomfort.

Heat manipulation, can shape and manipulate heat by increasing the kinetic energy of atoms and thus making things hotter ranging from subjective feeling of heat to absolute hot.

Fire Armor

Lesser glamour or illusion magic to change her appearance and or objects appearance.


Knowledge of Swords and expert in duo sword fighting. Expert with various handguns and rifles with  excellent aim. Expert in many forms of hand to hand combat.

Supernatural strength, able to hurl cars.

Like vampires, she can see in darkness and her senses are acutely able to pick up on scents or hear a whisper from 20 yards off. She can sense vibrations on the ground from people walking and even feel someone’s pulse from through her shoes or boots. She can zoom in with her eye sight up to 1000 mm away. She could see the craters of the moon or the details of a small spider on top of a sunflower from 20 feet away.

Inhuman speed

Rapid healing – if she is shot, she can heal within 15 minutes depending the size of the wound. Broken bones and large slices across the abdomen she can heal within 30 minutes.

Visions of Future, only fragments of things that may come to pass.

Group Affiliations 

The Order of the Sons of Light

The Sisterhood of Churiphim


Surpassed her churiphim limits and gained control over her elemental bond.

Reached heat greater than the sun’s surface with her elemental fire power

Able to summon her elemental fire power in a 10-mile radius

Able to create, shape and manipulate holy flames, effective against demons and other evil beings. Inextinguishable by normal means. The colors are usually blue, white.