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Pact of the Loup-Garou

After the great flood, the Loup-Garou made a pact with the pagans who summoned the power of angels to create a veil to keep hidden all Lycans mainly from the undead. Should an undead discover a lycan the veil would pierce the minds of the undead and remove any trace of lycan existance. In return the lycans protected the pagans. The lycans were also protectors of the Earth and warriors against the the undead and the fallen ones, demons and evil spirits that sought to spread their malevolent ways upon the land. While demons needed human hosts or other methods to walk the Earth, undead did not. The undead where the greater threat thus the pact with the pagans was necessary.

The Pagans or as many call them, the witches, were enemies with lycans at first, but seeing the greater advantage in peace between them, they choose a path of truce. The truce has remained as so since then.

The world of the lycans are made of werewolves, weretigers, werebears, wererats, werefoxes and werebats. The High lycans are considered the werewolves, werebears, and weretigers, the Low lycans are the wererates, werefoxes and werebats. The world of lycans is usually governed by the High lycans and within each type of lycan, kings for territories exist. The werewolves and weretigers have competed for the highest seat in the order of power, but for the most part werewolves are the most common lycans with territories and control over North America, Europe, Africa and parts of Asia.

As with all lycans, werewolves have very strict laws enforced by the Alpha males and Alpha kings of each territory. For all lycans the universal laws are common such as protect your mate, protect the pack, respect the alpha and high ranks, and elders.

1. All werewolves must join a pack under the ruler ship of an Alpha which in turn is under the rulership of the Alpha king. This grants them the ability to live and travel as they choose among the human cities and lands. Those that are not part of the pact, such as outcasts and lone wolves can only move or stay a limited time within the territories of the pacts. Most most live in neutral territories across the land. Werewolves in pacts gain strength from each of its members, thus pact werewolves are usually stronger than lone wolves. The Alpha’s power and strength is increased by each pact member. Pacts are usually made up of 3 to 10 members and there can be anywhere from 10 to 20 pacts in a territory under the ruler ship of an Alpha king.

2. No werewolf can bite and turn a human, unless granted permission by the Alpha King and council for that territory. Those that disobey are severely punished, usually by death along with the one that is bitten. The Alpha king usually has enforcers to hunt and carry out punishment. Enforcers are some of the highest and powerful warriors in a pact.

3. While werewolvs may have relationships with humans, should that human ever find out of the existence of werewolves with out permission of the Alpha, they must die swiftly without question. Werewolves can marry their mates and turn them into werewolves if given permission by the King, thus the couple may have children. Children born from the couple are natural lycans, considered pure breeds. Lycans that break the law and have children with human mates can have halfbreed lycans, which are not usually as strong as pure breeds. Most of the time the entire family is killed anyway for breaking the law.

4. No treason or betrayal within the pack – no giving away secrets, outing your pack members, attacking the alpha, bringing harm to the pack, spying for another pack.

5. No form of murder or killing another of the pact aside from a challenge with permission from the alpha. Most times does not count toward members of other pacts. Reasons for challenges usually are for rank, defense of family or mate, or protection of a child.

For the most part lycans are not effected by powers from the undead, at least non-physical powers.

Mark of the pack.

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