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The Shanto, Power Types.

The Shanto use Spirit powers. There are two types of Shanto that are usually paired together consisting of Attack type and Protection type. Similar to Churiphim, Shanto are ranked in power levels from 1 being to weakest to level 5 being the strongest in their power usage. The Shanto are trained in the types of powers their soul aligns with. Most usually gain control over 1 or 2 types of powers, but depending on how potent they are in using those powers is a determining factor to what rank they will be considered. The Grand Shanto is one of the most powerful leaders of the group and through history have been able to master 4 to 5 types of powers at rank 5. Every few hundred years a True Shanto is born with the possibility of learning more types of powers than a Grand Shanto. Over history Mashion is regarded as the strongest True Shanto gaining mastery over 8 types of powers at rank 5. He was considered the strongest Shanto from then to present.

Types of Spirit power are as follows.

  • Balance: The user can find balance by the force of yin and yang.
  • Channeling: The user can utilize their chi towards a great potential to use their chi for any kind of possibilities.
  • Chi Absorption: Absorb chi from one’s surroundings to use in some capacity.
  • Chi Attacks: Utilize one’s chi for powerful offensive attacks.
  • Chi Augmentation: Use one’s chi in order to increase their physical aspects.
    • Bodily Attribute Augmentation: Channel one’s chi within in order to push certain attributes to superhuman levels.
    • Combat Empowerment: The more the user fights, the stronger their bodies grow, thus strengthening their chi.
    • Optimal Finesse: The user can use their chi to enhance their finesse to the highest potential.
  • Chi Combat: Combine chi control with physical combat skill.
  • Chi Constructs: The user can form their chi into powerful energy constructs.
  • Chi Flight: Use chi for flight.
  • Chi Generation: Generate chi.
  • Chi Healing: The user can repair the damage that has been done to the body whether it be internal or external.
  • Chi Invisibility: Use chi to become invisible.
  • Chi Projection: Emit chi outside of one’s body.
  • Chi Detection: The user can use their chi to sense others.
  • Chi Concealment: Hides one’s chi.
  • Chi Solidification: The user can condense their chi into a solidified state.
  • Control Negation: The user can break themselves, and others free of control effects.
  • Cosmic/Planetary Empowerment: The user can channel the natural energy of the planet or cosmos and convert them into powerful chi.
  • Elemental Manipulation: The user can manifest their chi into various elements. The power of one’s chi also grants the elements they wield a bludgeoning effect.
  • Empowered State: Use chi to enter a state where existing abilities are greatly increased.
  • Ergokinetic Combat: Utilize chi for cases of extreme combat.
  • Higher Consciousness: Being linked to one’s consciousness, chi is able to allow one to be in their true mind.
    • Inner Power: One can gain access to untapped power and awaken their full potential.
      • True Power: One can have their full potential to achieve its true nature.
  • Indomitable Will: The full power of chi can be unleashed through sheer force of will.
  • Life-Force Inhibition: Inhibit the flow of chi in one’s body and others.
  • Nature Unity: The user of chi can become one with nature.
    • Battlefield Adaptation: The user can orientate their entire body to combat, allowing them to fight in any environment.
  • Power Mixture: Mix one’s chi with the chi of others (Ex: Omi (Xiaolin Showdown) using the Sun Chi Lantern in order to mix his chi with the other Xiaolin Dragons.)
    • Synchronization: Once the user mixes their chi with the chi of others, they are able to become in sync with the energy, allowing them to achieve extraordinary power and acquire new abilities.
  • Spiritual Meditation: Meditate to obtain absolute focus in order to fully manifest one’s chi.
    • Tranquil State: The user is able to place themselves in a calm mindful state.
    • Clear Mind: The clearest state of mind.

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