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The Hidden World Series

There is a hidden world where vampires and lilins fight for control. Half angels and witches use magic to win wars and other creatures of the night lurk waiting to feast on the blood of mortals.


Vampire: A Raven Short Story

After a failed attempt to ask Raven on a date, Andy discovers a dead body while riding his bike home from the game shop, unfortunately another man is also by the body . The stranger turns out to be a vampire and attacks Andy.

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Raven Book 1: Birth Into Darkness

Selah Walker likes to go by the nickname Raven, given to her by her parents for her silk black hair. It's 1776 and Raven's father is about to leave to help in the American Revolution. Her family celebrates Raven's birthday before he sets off. A knock at the door changes everything

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The Lilin: An Elspet Short Story

Elspet has survived thousands of years on the blood of humans. She protects her daughter Hannah until the day both are free of the undead curse.

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West Texas Blood

A Raven Walker Novel

When Raven and her friend, Kylie, stopped in West Texas to visit with Kylie's aunt, they discovered vampires roaming the small towns from Lubbock to Pecos. Raven refuses to leave until people are safe once more.

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The Pact: An Elspet Short Story 2

After defeating the demon prince Verrier, Elspet waits for her daughter's recovery. The General of Angels seeks her help. Demons are possessing the people of Los Angeles.

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Lilith The Blood Queen Book 1


Coming Soon!